Meet the author!

Who am I ?

My name is Leslie Guzman I am 18 Years old and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. My parents are native from El Salvador meaning I am a first generation American and I am also the first in my family to be attending any university. I'm currently enrolled at Kennesaw State University in hopes of earning my bachelors in Computer Science.

What I like to do

I like spending time with my friends and family and I love to go out to discover new places and meet new people as I am an Extrovert! An "ENFP" to be exact. I love artistic literature and you'll always find me with a new inspiration in hand from The Book Worm but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy a beach read every now and then. You can often find me outside surrounded by nature because the outdoors is my home, it's where I am most at at peace (yes, I'm an environmentalist).

What I want you to know about me

Throughout my time in this world, I have gained so much insight into what it means to be me. I have worked very hard to become the person I am today, confidence did not come easily to me. Kindness and understanding took an effort to embed themselves into my personality. My struggles with PCOS, being a minority, and navigating a country unfamiliar to my parents were only a few life-altering circumstances growing up that allowed me to learn the meaning of compassion, resilience, and determination. Finding yourself is hard enough but I believe we never truly finish growing in this life, that means that I have all the power in this world to be exactly who I want to be and do anything I want to do. Although 1 in 7.7 billion may sound insignificant, my echo will be heard for many years to come, I just need to believe it.