Cultural Artifact and Ideology Overview

Original Walt Disney Cinderella Poster (1950)
Image depicting Gloves and prices in early 1950s by Retrowaste

Image depicts 4 girls in modern fashion from 1950's by Retrowaste

The 1950s was a time of change. After the end of WWII America was focused on advancement and the future. With people still dealing with the mental strain from the war they found comfort in the ever changing america. That’s what people wanted, change, they wanted better. Of course, that’s what everyone would want after years of insecurity caused by war. When considering it from a personal emotional point of view one is able to understand that the littlest things brought multitudes of joy, whether it was buying a new pair of gloves or listening to a favorite rock and roll song such as Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley.

Americans were appreciative of the different lifestyle they could now live, they were immersed in it, bringing fourth creativity and inventions. Music was inspired by the difference and the craving of independence. Minimalism was by no means a priority which was apparent by the fashion trends, Dior dresses and high heels were what the ladies loved most.

Going to the cinema or being able to use Betty Crocker cake mix was a common new luxury then, those things made life seem better because excitement for the new Ironman Film replaced the anxiety of not knowing when sugar rationing would end.

The suburbia was prosperous families had high hopes for their children‘s future.

It’s pretty ironic to think about how the baby boomers are deemed the “stubborn” generation despite them growing up around so much development and reform. In reality members of this generation had the opportunity to create a secure stable life for themselves due to the financial abundance in the economy in their youth.

Is it possible that having a good youth would make you less resistant to the issues you endure in late adulthood?

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Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing by John McHale and Richard Hamilton (1956)
Original iron man Cinema poster (1951)
Peanut m&m candy wrapper (1954)


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